How to setup a Communication Profile for sending email from Siebel

Here is the requirement “send an email from Siebel via F9 functionality”on prod and  think that  it is a new env, nothing has been setup on that from administration standpoint, so what we need is  to start from the scratch to setup a communication profile. You should follow these steps:
  1. Navigate to “Administration – Communications -> Communication Profiles & Drivers” view.
  2. Query for “Internet SMTP/POP3 Server” under Communications Drivers applet.
  3. Create a new Profile. Lets say “Test Email Profile”.
  4. Under Profile Parameter Overrides applet, add the following parameters :
    ==> From Address : Any Email Address (Generally it should be Siebel Email box Id )
    ==> SMTP Server : Name of the SMTP Server which will send the email.
    ==> SMTP Server Port : 25
  5. Click on “Menu” button on “Profiles” applet and click on “Submit Profile Changes”.
  6. Uptill this point you are ready to use this communication profile but before this need to check whether Server Component, responsible for executing the email request are running properly or not. So continue with the next step.
  7. Navigate to “Administration-Configuration -> Enterprises -> Component Groups” and query for “Communications Management” under component groups applet and then query for “Communications Outbound Manager” component under “Components” applet. This is the component which is responsible for sending outgoing emails from Siebel.
  8. Check if “Enabled on Server” flag is checked under “Component Group Assignments” applet. If not click on “Enable” button.
  9. Navigate to “Administration-Configuration -> Enterprises -> Component Definitions” and query for “Communications Outbound Manager”.
  10. Set the following two parameters to “Test Email Profile” (Communication profile created in Step# 3)
    ==> Comm Profile Override
    ==> Communication Profile
  11. Click on “Synchronize” button.
  12. Now restart the Siebel server.
  13. Navigate to Tools -> User Preferences -> Outbound Communications view and select “Siebel Email Client” in Email Client. Click on Save.

Here is the test:

Navigate to Service Request Screen -> My Service Requests view, Click F9 and system will give you the Popup form to send an email. Put your email address in “To” section and fill in the subject and body as per your wish and send it.

Check your Inbox, you will see the email in few minutes. Also drilldown on SR# field and navigate to “Activities” view, you will an activity of type “Email – Outbound” and the contents of the email in Comments field. This is Siebel OOB functionality of creating activity under Service Request whenever you send an email from Service Request record.

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