Adding Logout button in Application Bar

There is a requirement as client asked us to add a Log out button directly in application bar instead of going to File-> Log out. Also it should be an image instead of button.
I have followed the following steps to achieve this requirement.


  • First you need to add the custom image to the <SIEBEL_ROOT>PUBLIC\< language_folder>\IMAGES folder. Image I used is ‘LogOut_New.png’
  • Find the Container Web Page for the application you want to add the button. As I am using eCommunication, It is “CC Container Page”.
  • Navigate to Webpage in object explorer,choose “CC Container Page” and click “WebPage Item” child object Type.
  • Create a new Webpage Item with below properties:
    • Name : LogoutButton
    • Type : ImageButton
    • Caption-String Override : <img src=”images/LogOut_New.png” alt=”logout” height=”24″ width=”24″ border=”0″ align=”absmiddle”>
    • Method Invoked : Logoff
    • Item Identifier : 14

Compile Changes and launch application. you will see the log-out button on top right corner of the application as shown in below image.

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