Siebel CTI

What is CTI:

  • CTI stands for Computer Telephony Integration
  • This is basically the controlling of your Teleset/Turret/Telephone through the Application and hence the name Computer Telephony Intergration
  • It can be considered as a separate Application embedded within Siebel

Why CTI is used :

  • The motive of using CTI is to
  1. Reduce the call handling time. How that will be explained in the later section
  2. Route the calls effectively based on Individuals skills

How CTI works:



1 – 2 User’s Login Request Path

1(Ret) – 2 (Ret) – User’s Login Response Path

A – D – How an Incoming call is routed


There are 2 different scenarios that can be considered:

1. When the Advisor logins to CTI :

First we will consider the parameters that are required and then we will go ahead with the login process

When the Advisor login to CTI following parameters are required:

  1. PIN for the Advisor – This is required to uniquely identify the Advisor based on his skills at Genesys End. There can be 2 scenarios possible with the PIN:
    • If the Advisor has his PIN configured on Siebel then when the advisor presses the login to CTI button his request is auto taken care of that is without asking for the PIN to be entered
    • If the PIN is not configured for the advisor then the advisor is requested for the PIN upon pressing of the login to CTI button.
  2. Barcode for the Advisor – This is an environmental variable at the local Machine level (Computer). This is required as the Teleset details are mapped to the Barcode at the table level in Siebel and Siebel internally queries against the barcode to get the teleset and teleset extensions (Explained in the Next point) for the Desk Position.
  3. Teleset Extensions: There are basically 2 types of extensions associated with a Teleset:

A. A Type Extension: This is basically the Extension that is recognized by Genesys and used in their queues for their call routing purpose

B. S Type Extension: This extension is used when the Advisor makes an      outbound call that is a call made to the customer or the external world

What Happens when the Advisor logins to CTI:

1.When the Advisor clicks on the Login to CTI Button a request is sent to Genesys with the PIN for the Advisor and his/her teleset extensions(Of course these extensions are taken as a result of the query that Siebel Application runs internally on the barcode to get these teleset details ).

2. Genesys checks whether the parameters sent in Step1 (PIN  and Teleset Extensions) are configured at its end. If yes then a positive response is sent to Siebel Application invoking a Business service which causes the CTI Toolbar to be enabled. If NO then Genesys throws an Error that is presented to the Advisor.

Steps to check the configuration for the advisor will be covered in a separate section

2.When there is an incoming call for the Advisor:

When there is a call made to the service provider on the common number provided by service provider, it comes through IVR (As per my understanding). The information gathered is passed to DMS Switch which in turn passes the same to Genesys so that the call can be destined based on the Skill. Genesys responds to switch with the details of the Advisor (Teleset Details) whom the call is to be directed(This decision is made based on the skills of the Advisor enrolled at Genesys End). Then the Switch takes care of routing business by passing the request to the PBX