Oracle Enterprise Data Quality for Siebel


Oracle Enterprise Data Quality for Siebel

Siebel has been provided with different Data Quality solutions. The most prevalent choice in the past has been Informatica’s IIR – sold as OEM solution under the ODQ (Oracle Data Quality) acronym.

Since the acquisition of Datanomics by Oracle in 2011 – the former Datanomics product suite has been integrated with Siebel. It has been given a four-letter acronym “Oracle Enterprise Data Quality” :-) It has clear advantages over the Informatica’s IIR. To name two:

1) Stateless – that means no synchronization of Contact / Account data is needed between Siebel and OEDQ. If for example a new contacts gets created – it will be possible to match this new contact immediately. There is no lag time for the synchronization between both. This is a clear differentiator from IIR.

2) Fully configurable matching process. OEDQ is not a black box – for a matched contact or account – the rules which were applicable while matching can be identified. So a score of 95% can be explained by the fact that e.g. contact was found based on an exact match but with a different email address.

See this link for a presentation on Siebel / OEDQ

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