Siebel SWSE Stats to identify performance issue

Yesterday came across this Oracle support Article Doc ID 478027.1 while trying to debug performance issue. This article provide details aboutStats.swe page that can help you provide valuable information to troubleshoot some hang issues with the application.

To visit the stats page you need to open following URL


It shows all kind of stats and the most important section is Current Operations Processing. The “Current Operations Processing” section contains a table which shows all current requests that are in progress. The table in this section shows the Operation running in the left column and the Duration in right column. Requests that are highlighted in bold have been running for more than 10 seconds. A request that is highlighted in bold with a large duration value is another indication that this request may be hanging. If the request never completes then it has effectively hung.

Both application and database server hangs can exhibit the above behavior in the stats page. Typically if the stats page cannot be accessed, then this is an indication that the web server itself may have hung.

Below is the screenshot of how the page looks like:


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