12c Release 1 database software installation on Linux

Here is a quick look at the installation of the 12c database software on an Oracle virtual machine running Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.8

Most of the screens in the installation are very similar to 11g R2, and I have pointed out some of the new things we will see when we do the 12c install.

If we select the option to create and configure a database instead then we are presented with a new screen

The System Class screen gives us the option of Desktop or Server class.

If we select the Desktop class, it is appropriate if we are doing a test install on a PC desktop or laptop and a number of deployment options like ASM, RAC, backup and recovery configuration, integration with OEM Cloud Control etc are not available in this option.

Some new groups have been added to the standard OSDBA and OSOPER groups which we had in earlier versions.

For example the OSDGDBA group is if we want to have a separate group of OS users for administering or monitoring databases in the Oracle Data Guard configuration or the group OSKMDBA group which relates to privileges around encryption key management like Oracle Wallet Manager.

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