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The Siebel Workflow Instance Monitor is awesome: it allows run time debugging of Workflow processes it both Production and non-Production environments. In the absence of a script like debugger, it’s the next best thing.

A word of warning, however – remember to turn it OFF!

The Workflow Instance monitor stores a lot of information in the database: for every time a monitored process is run, each step will generate a child record with grandchild records for every process property and it’s value. If you monitor a particularly active Workflow process, data volumes can build up very quickly indeed.

There are a number of ways to address this:

  1. Turn monitoring OFF the moment you’re finished with it. Leaving monitoring running is so easy to do and can signinifcant impact very quickly. You can see what Workflows are currently monitored from the Workflow Deployment screen. Just click the ‘Active Workflows’ view tab and query, in the bottom applet, for ‘Deployment Status = Active’ and ‘Monitoring Level <> ’0 – None’. You can set these back to ’0 – None’ from here too, effecitvely turning off montoring.
  2. Use the ‘Purge’ button on the ‘Process Instances’ view. This will invoke a number of DELETE statements against the corresponding tables, allowing you to clear out logs from before a specified date.
  3. As per My Oracle Support articule ID 478169.1, you can use ‘database vendor tools’ to remove the data. Oracle don’t want to mention it, as it goes against their ‘no database statements directly against the database’ rule, but they really mean TRUNCATE. As such, it is an ‘approved’, but not supported, solution to use TRUNCATE as follows:


We actually run a script to do this on a regular basis across our environments, in order to keep things nice and tidy.